We understand your attention about buying online. Therefore we are very honest with our services and the policies of refund. Our refund system is pretty simple. We will give you 100% refund in the subsequent conditions:

  • In case if we’re not able to adequately fix your issue, then you can demand a refund.
  • In case if our experts discover that your issues are out of our authorization such as Hardware issue.

We will present you changed refund in the following situations:

  • In case if you want to cancel your subscription. One time removal charges will be there, and additionally, you have to pay $99.99 for each support maintenance applications that you have made to date.
  • When you want to remove or eliminate your one-time or single cost of repairing, there will be no refund in that case. In critical situations, we will be refunding you the disparity between the price you gave and our setup cost.

Refund Plan:

  1. The user can communicate with our QuickBooks Customer Service provider and initially ask them for the refund department. Our refund department will revert to you within three working days. (Weekends are exceptions)
  2. Respectfully note that we have a protected system for a refund. You can anytime call us to understand the procedure, we guarantee you for a secure transaction. We collect call records of all our operations and maintenance info with us. If for any determination you think you require the support data let us acknowledge and we can provide that to you.
  3. Our refund policies only authorize us to return your value through PayPal or Credit Card that you applied at the time of giving us, and you’ll get your refund back within 30 days maximum.
  1. never accept any amount through check or bank transfer and neither we return to those services.